Windscreen Chip and Crack Repairs with 27 Years Repair Experience

Don’t wait until it is too late!

A windscreen chip could turn into a crack at any time, often when you are least expecting it. If this happens when you are driving, it could have a serious effect on your safety.

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Just like the bullseye on a dartboard, these circular cracks occur after impact with circular objects such as rocks.

Half Moon

A semi-circle shape, the half moon crack is also caused by impact with circular objects, but unlike the bullseye they are not completely circular.

Star Break

Star breaks are those small cracks leading away from the point of impact in a starburst pattern.


When multiple types of chips and cracks occur within one windscreen, resulting in extensive damage.


These occur when hard objects cause small pieces of glass to come off the windscreen.

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A chip repair will restore the structural integrity of the windscreen, making the vehicle safe to drive again.
Even minor windscreen damage shouldn’t be taken lightly and should be dealt with as soon as it appears. A little issue can quickly snowball, especially when your windscreen is exposed to more extreme conditions.

Contact: George White +27 83 651 1512

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